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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.

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2013  ARTE | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italien
2012  SIMPLE IS THE HUMAN, CONCEPIBILE | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italien
           NIEDERUNGEN + EROBERUNGEN | Gallery Offenes Atelier,Villach/Austria
2011  PULCINELLA | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italy
           BROTKATZE (BREAD CAT) | Asylum Lunaticum, Flensburg/Germany
2010  POESIE IN VERDE | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italien
2009  RELIQUARIES | Bereznitsky Kiew.Berlin. Gallery, Berlin
2008  EROTICART | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italy
           MBARALARTE | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italy
2007  NOSTALGIA | Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italy
2006  PERCORSO | Comune di Vibonati Italien, Vibonati/Italy
           NUDI | Universita Popolare del Cilento, Torre Orsaia/Italy
2004  KINGS & QUEENS OF SHOWS | Gallery ZeitZone, Berlin
2003  NO!-ON SHOW | Gallery Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin
           CHANNING CHANNEL | London Biennale Pollinations Berlin
2002  AUSFLUG (TRIP) | Gallery Tivoli, Berlin
2001  KUNST STÜCK (ART PIECE) | Agency Kunsttick, Berlin
           AQUARIUM | Gallery Transition, Berlin
2000  MINOR PHOTOGRAPHS | Gallery SchauTankStelle at RAW Temple, Berlin
1999  PAINTINGS + PHOTOS | Cooking art by Ira Schneider, Gallery Wohnzimmer, Berlin
           THE INSTITUTE | Gallery Das Institut des Fischbüro Headquaters, Berlin
           ART WORK | Art Hall Tacheles, Berlin til 2001
1998  BORDER WALKS | Gallery Mein Blau, Berlin
1996  N.E.W. VIDEO | PrivatRaum Moskau/Russia
           10 YEARS PURCHASE BY CITY OF HEIDELBERG | Kulturamt/Kunstverein Heidelberg
           WOMEN'S CULTURE DAY | Gallery Karlstor, Heidelberg/Germany
1995  HAUSGANGFLUR (HALLWAY) | Restlight photo series, Private Room, Heidelberg
           METRO | Art Space, Heidelberg/Germany
1994  BODY OF EVIDENCE - NY | Space for Art and New Music, Bremen/Germany
           BIS ZUM ENDE (TIL THE END) | Schokoladenfabrik Haaf, Heidelberg/Germany